Your subscription page

From this page you can manage your entire subscription: activate it, cancel it or upgrade it.

Ecran d'abonnement de Cards micro-learning

How the subscription operates

When you register, a subscription is created and associated to you. This subscription is free!

For Your information

In order to give you the opportunity to test Cards, you can create up to 20 learners and 3 courses.

When you add a learner or an editor, they will be automatically attached to your subscription. You can track your subscription quota from the “subscription” page.

Your subscription is automatically extended at the end of the term if you have not cancelled it before. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

When your subscription expires, all your data is retained (courses, learners, managers, statistics). Your access is simply blocked until you take out a new subscription (your learners can also no longer access the courses).

Who can modify my subscription ?

Only editors can change your subscription. Not all your learners have access to this page. However, your editors can access it to change your offer.

Payment and invoices

When you have subscribed, a “My invoices and payment options” button appears on your page. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a Stripe page allowing you to :

  • change your payment details
  • access and download your invoices
Cards & Stripe

Cards uses Stripe to manage payments. By subscribing, you will receive emails from Stripe (subscription reminders, payment receipts, etc...).

Next steps

You can take out a subscription and personalise it directly from Cards micro-learning.

Need more? Need less? Change your subscription easily.