From the dashboard you can access detailed statistics by clicking on the “View All Statistics” button located at the bottom left of the Dashboard graph.

Button see all statistics in Cards micro-learning

On the page you will be able to get a more detailed and precise view of your statistics by filtering by :

  • period: by choosing a start date and an end date,
  • learner group: by choosing all groups or a specific group of learners.

The statistics will then be updated by clicking on the “Validate” button.

filtered statistics in Cards micro-learning

Under the filtered statistics graph, you will find a table showing the most consulted microlearnings.

This table is updated at the same time as your filters (period / learner group). 

You can also access the detailed statistics of a specific course by clicking on the “Stats” link located on the right of the corresponding line.



Click on the "Update" button at the top right of the table if you wish to obtain more recent data (the date and time of calculation of the statistics is indicated).