You can define 3 roles: Learner,Β Editor or Owner.

The difference lies mainly in the possibility to create and distribute micro-trainings as an Editor. The Learner can consult and complete the courses that his manager has shared with him.

The Editor can access the Management button at the top right of the web interface to manage his training courses, learners and notifications.

The Owner is the only one who can modify the workspace. It is also the only one who can assign the β€œowner” role to another person.

Bouton d'accès à l'interface d'admin de Cards micro-learning


An editor account in your subscription allows the person concerned to create and modify training courses.Β 

He can also add and modify learners linked to the Cards account (account of the company that subscribed to an offer or subscription).

The manager can also create and send notifications to the learners of the Cards account.


A manager can edit all the trainings of the company account.


The learner is the profile of the person who follows and completes the micro-training courses available in his account. 

A learner can: 

  • access the web version (with an up-to-date internet browser) at :
  • download the mobile app for iOs or Android to follow the training on his smartphone or tablet.

You can invite them to download the apps with the links below: