Quick start

Here are some quick steps to get started with Cards!


You need to register by creating your account to use our LMS Cards micro-learning.

It's free!

No card or payment is required when you register. You automatically get a free account.

By registering on our platform, you will automatically be registered as an owner. This means that you will be able to create content, add learners, send notifications and manage your subscription.

Once you have registered, you will be taken to your dashboard:

Dashboard Cards micro-learning

Cards micro-learning dashboard

Editor / Trainer

There are three possible roles in Cards: learner or editor or owner.

An editor has access to the dashboard and management, while a learner only has access to the course consultation. This is why you see the “Back to app” button in the header: this button allows you to switch from the “management” part to the “consultation” part. The owner has the same rights as the editor, but can also manage the workspace. To learn more about role management, follow the link below.

To know everything about the roles, follow this link

When you are on the management interface, you have access to the Cards menu.

Visuel du menu d'administration de Cards micro-learning

The menu is extremely simple, so that you can concentrate on the main thing: managing your training courses. You will therefore find the links :

  • Learners: to manage your learners
  • Courses: to manage your courses
  • Notifications: to send notifications

By clicking on your profile picture, you will have access to your account and subscription settings.

Next Steps

Let's follow the steps to create a course.

Create an account for a learner, and give them access to your courses.