Manage notification campaigns

Notification menu

By going to the Notifications menu you can :

  • consult the latest notifications sent
  • follow the statistics of reception on smartphone and computer per learner
  • delete the history of a notification already sent
  • create a new notification


Statistiques d'ouverture de notifs push - Cards micro-learning

Create a notification

By clicking on the “create a campaign” button you will create a campaign to send a notification to your learners.

You will be able to :

  • Name your campaign : visible only to you and your managers.
  • Write the message to be sent in a web and push notifications to your learners.
Visuel d'envoi d'une notif push - Cards micro-learning

Once you have named your notification and written the message, a validation screen will allow you to review and choose who you want to send the notification to :

  • to all your learners
  • to a group
  • to some learners
Visuel de recherche d'un apprenant avec Cards micro-learning

Once you have made your choice, you can select the group or the learner(s).

Click on the “Send” button to validate the sending of your notification.

Again, you will be able to re-read your notification and cancel it if you inadvertently make a mistake.

Once the notification has been sent, it is no longer possible to cancel, the message will be diffused to the learners concerned.

Visuel d'envoi d'une notification push avec Cards micro-learning