Types of content

In each chapter you can create and integrate 9 different types of content: 

Bouton d'ajout de Cards dans le LMS
  • Title: to create a title type content or to highlight the architecture of your content.
  • Content: to add text with the possibility of formatting it with links, bold, italic, etc…
  • Image: to add an image to your chapter (its size will be adapted and optimised for the mobile application and the web interface).
  • Giphy: embed GIFs from the GIPHY library
  • Unsplash: embed imagers from Unsplash library
  • Quiz: to create a MCQ or QCU with the possibility to indicate the right answer and to leave an explanation or correction.
  • Video: to allow you to embed a video (via a Youtube link for example, available both in private and public).
  • Audio: to upload audio content hosted on Soundcloud (private or public).
  • Button: to display a link to an external resource or site
Tip : order your content

It is possible to change the order of your content in the same chapter. To do this, use the move arrow available on the left of each piece of content created to drag it to another position.

YouTube videos

To add an unlisted or public video that is hosted on Youtube, simply 

  • copy the URL of your video (for example :
  • paste this URL into a Video type card in Cards micro-learning. 

Et n’oubliez pas d’enregistrer votre chapitre, puis le tour est joué !

video dans Cards micro-learning avec Youtube

Audio with SoundCloud

  • Under the audio playback box click on “share”.
  • Then go to the tab called “embed”. 
  • A code starting with <iframe …. will then be displayed on the screen. You can then copy it.
audio microlearning avec soundcloud
  • and paste it into the Audio card in Cards as below:
micro-learning audio avec Cards