Add a learner

“Learners” menu

By clicking on the “Add a learner” link will allow you to manually add a new learner to your Cards micro-learning account.

Ajouter un apprenant avec Cards micro-learning


The profile of each learner contains the following informations :

  • Role: You can define three roles: Learner, Editor, Owner. The difference lies in the possibility of creating and spreading micro-trainings as an Editor or Owner. The Learner can consult and complete the training courses that his manager has shared with him.
  • Language: This is the language of the Cards micro-learning interface (and not the language of the courses available). You can choose between French or English (for the moment only the French version is active).
  • First name, Last name: 2 required fields useful to identify your learners in your statistics
  • Email: required field to allow the learner or manager to log in. The email must be functional to receive the password reset link (in case of forgetfulness).
  • Phone: optional. Useful if you want to find the number of a learner or manager to contact them directly.
  • Company: optional but useful if you are managing several learners from different companies.


The ranking, when activated, allows your learners to challenge each other by showing those who have the most points and the greatest progress. This function is optional, you are free to activate it on each individual learner profile.

Profile picture

Invite your learners to add a profile photo to allow you to identify them easily and visually. However, this field remains optional.


On each learner profile you can assign one or more groups. Groups are important if you want to share the same course with different learner profiles.


1 "Remote Manager" course is shared by 2 companies. You can then create 1 group per company and add the corresponding profiles in each.